Cinema Crazed Celebrates Us!

What a way to start the new year: Felix Vasquez at Cinema Crazed just called Inhumanwich! one of his “Choice Indies of 2017”! Adding to his flattering review from last May, Felix calls our film “one heck of a fun monster outing.”

We’re honored to be part of such a groovy list. Check out his full picks here.

Tallahassee Gets Swallowed!

Chompy Lou is going back on the road! Inhumanwich! will screen next weekend at the Experimental Edge Film & Art Festival in Tallahassee, just a couple blocks away from the Florida State University campus. Experimental Edge is part of the Critical Edge Film Festival network, a sort of roving series of “micro festivals” that visit a variety of colleges and universities. And when it comes to corrupting the minds of our nation’s youth, we’re the ones you call.

Better yet, the event is free! But you’ll still want to pick up tickets and catch the latest info via their Facebook page. If you’re around FSU, don’t miss it!