The Spinsters of Horror review us!

Jess the Crafty Witch and Kelly the Black Metal Bitch, aka the Spinsters of Horror, discussed a quartet of microbudget horror films on the latest episode of their podcast alongside guests Bri and Kelly from Murmurs from the Morgue, and guess which Tubi favorite made the cut? That’s right: Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter! Oh, and also our dumb movie.

They’re kind enough to call it “absolutely hilarious” and “so incredibly clever,” adding “this whole movie is quotable.” The entire conversation is a great listen.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

Andris Reviews reviews us!

The wonderful Andris Reviews took a look at our movie for part of his “Cheap Thrills! Unspeakable Terror!” series and gave us a big thumbs up! He calls it “funny and engaging,” adding “this film literally had me howling at the screen.”

Check out the entire review here.

Super Media Bros Puts Us in the Showdown!

The fine folks at the Super Media Bros podcast put Chompy Lou head to head in their latest edition of the Cult Cinema Showdown! Ed and the gang went head to head with the 2016 comedy Spaghettiman, and while (spoiler alert) we lost, they still had some nifty things to say about our dumb little movie. “Stupid” is one; “I died laughing” is another, and we’re taking both as compliments.

You can check out the entire episode here.

iHorror ranks us!

Kelly McNeely of iHorror has included our little movie on her list of ten indie comedies which, in her words, “have mastered the art of parody.” She calls us a “delicious 50s horror parody” which “successfully side-tackles the drive-in monster movie tropes.” Her list puts us alongside such classics as The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra and Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace, which is some seriously high praise.

You can read the full list here.