InhuMerch now available!

It only took us six years, but we finally got around to whipping up some t-shirts! Throw them on your torso! Use them to clean your bathroom! Hang them from your flagpole! Whatever you do with them, that’s on you. Check them out at the Argo One store over on Threadless!

(And if you’d like a design available in something other than t-shirts, drop us a line on the contact page.)

Chompy Lou returns to Origins!

Five years after our movie first took to the film festival circuit, we’re returning to one of the first fests to host us: the Origins Film Festival in Columbus, Ohio! Origins is holding a “best of the fest” retrospective as part of this year’s lineup and has made us part of it in what we can only assume was a clerical error. Other titles returning to the Origins screen include the nifty documentaries Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys and Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons & Dragons.

The Origins Film Festival is part of the Origins Game Fair, a five day convention for tabletop gamers. A game fair badge gets you into the film fest, although we speak from experience when we say the game fair is well worth the visit all its own.

And if you can’t make it in person, the festival is also screening online – you’ll be able to watch along here. We screen both in person and online Saturday, June 11. We hope to see you there!

Look Out Lips, Look Out Gums: The Soundtrack Is Here!

At long, long last, it can be told: the soundtrack album to our dumb little movie will be released this Friday!

The project has been long in the making and fairly secret – keen eyes reading the closing credits would have caught the line “soundtrack available on Phratry Records.” As we weren’t sure how long this would take to put together, that one blurb buried at the end of the film was the only thing we’ve ever said about it… until now!

The soundtrack will be available in two versions:

Inhumanwich! The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is a full length digital album featuring the entirety of John’s score, plus every other scrap of music recorded for the film, including a rare demo version of “Meat Is Murder!”

Meat Is Murder! (And Other Noises From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is a limited edition 7″ vinyl single for the movie’s theme song, with “Mitch’s Song” as the B side, and with exclusive tracks not available on the album. The record comes with special gatefold packaging and a download code for the complete digital album.

In a moment of pure, shameless synergy, the fine folks at Phratry decided the best time to release both the album and the single is March 29, at the world premiere of the new Argo One feature, titled, naturally enough, Phratry.

Tickets to the premiere are available here. Those of you who can’t make it will be able to order both releases online starting Friday. Check back here then for the full purchase info!

Inhumanwich Soundtrack