Dumpster Drive-In Reviews Us!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new review roll off the presses, and now we have two, both from Zach Bender. For the “Dumpster Drive-In” column over at Morbidly Beautiful, he calls our movie “a labor of love” and adds “it just brings a smile to my face that this kind of thing exists.”

Bender also delivered a video review with his mom as part of his “Momster Movies” series on YouTube. There, they both giggle over what they call a “perfect” movie, which is a bit delusional, but we’ll take it.

You can read Zach’s print review here and watch the Momster review here.

Cincinnati Gets Swallowed (Again)!

Just when you thought our big screen days were behind us: Inhumanwich! is returning back where it all started with a one night only screening as part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival!

Tickets are available now, but we should warn you: the venue is the magnificent Mini Microcinema, and if you couldn’t tell from the name, seats are very limited. So get yours before they get gone!

Cincy Fringe 2018