A Personal Note.

Hi, everybody. Dave here, dropping the Argo One-speaks-as-a-group “we” phrasing for a one-off personal post. It’s time to get mushy, people.

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Decatur Gets Swallowed!

Our October just keeps getting busier: Inhumanwich! has just been added to the Dead in Decatur Film Festival! From the creators of the Dead in Decatur podcast, the fest is a two-day celebration of weirdness running October 13 & 14. We’ll let you know when tickets are available. If you’re in the Land of Lincoln, check us out!

Update!Tickets are now available! Just click here and scroll over to October 13 and 14.

Dead in Decatur

London Gets Swallowed!

…London Ontario, that is. That’s right: Chompy Lou is going to Canada! As if October wasn’t busy enough for us, Inhumanwich! will now also screen at the London Comic Con, which runs from October 13-15. Screening times have not yet been announced for the film fest portion of the convention, but tickets are available now. If you’re in the Great White North, why not drop in and check us out?

UPDATE! Chompy Lou will take the screen 4:45 PM on lucky Friday, October 13.

London Comic Con 2017