Cinema Head Cheese reviews us!

We love getting new reviews every few months, and this one from Peggy Christie at Cinema Head Cheese is among them. Peggy says “you can tell the people making it are just having the time of their lives” (we were!), adding “I had to pause the movie TWICE because I was laughing so hard.” Of all the reasons to pause our movie, that’s one of the better ones! (Also top five: getting more popcorn; taking a bathroom break; saving the universe from a Martian army set on replacing us all with robots named Kloob; checking the mail.)

You can read the entire review here.

Guilty Pleasure Cinema Review Reviews Us!

It’s been two years since our home video premiere, and we’re still getting reviewed! Guilty Pleasure Cinema Review’s Adam Cook calls our movie an “a great throwback to the monster movies of the era” and calls our monster “an ingenious creation.”

You can read the entire review here.

Look Out Lips, Look Out Gums: The Soundtrack Is Here!

At long, long last, it can be told: the soundtrack album to our dumb little movie will be released this Friday!

The project has been long in the making and fairly secret – keen eyes reading the closing credits would have caught the line “soundtrack available on Phratry Records.” As we weren’t sure how long this would take to put together, that one blurb buried at the end of the film was the only thing we’ve ever said about it… until now!

The soundtrack will be available in two versions:

Inhumanwich! The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is a full length digital album featuring the entirety of John’s score, plus every other scrap of music recorded for the film, including a rare demo version of “Meat Is Murder!”

Meat Is Murder! (And Other Noises From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is a limited edition 7″ vinyl single for the movie’s theme song, with “Mitch’s Song” as the B side, and with exclusive tracks not available on the album. The record comes with special gatefold packaging and a download code for the complete digital album.

In a moment of pure, shameless synergy, the fine folks at Phratry decided the best time to release both the album and the single is March 29, at the world premiere of the new Argo One feature, titled, naturally enough, Phratry.

Tickets to the premiere are available here. Those of you who can’t make it will be able to order both releases online starting Friday. Check back here then for the full purchase info!

Inhumanwich Soundtrack