Film Threat Reviews Us!

Film Threat has chimed in with a review of our little flick! Nick Rocco Scalia calls Inhumanwich! “a loving homage shot through with an undercurrent of MST3K-style mockery.” He adds “the jokes come at a frenetic, almost Zucker-like pace” and calls Joe “one of the most ridiculous monsters in movie history.” You can read the entire review here.

Film, Noir.

One of the more constant compliments we get about our movie (aside from “yay! it’s short!”) is on the look of the thing. Critics have written about how solid the black and white image looks; fans have told us how much they dig it. And everybody wants to know: how did we get such good lookin’ monochrome in the modern age?

That’s simple: we cheated. Continue reading

The Aisle Seat Reviews Us!

From Mike McGranaghan at The Aisle Seat, it’s another review for Inhumanwich! Mike says “If the guys behind Airplane! and The Naked Gun tried to make a movie in the style of Ed Wood, it might look something like Inhumanwich!” and calls our film “an impressively spot-on spoof.” You can read the entire review here.