Budget Watch: $51.34

Went to the hardware store today so Robb could stock up on material to make a fancy fake skeleton. He’s eerily adept at creating realistic bones. Either that, or he’s raiding the local cemetery at night and pocketing our cash. Hey, whatever works.

The original plan was to simply buy a few prop skeletons online; however, they’re either too pricey or too chintzy. After spending a good deal of time last night wondering if we could find a way to make a three-foot rubber skeleton work on screen (turns out, the answer is no), I’ve opted to go with Robb’s original suggestion: a tub of joint compound and a dowel rod ($15.94 total after tax) that he can somehow wiggle into convincing bones.

He’s also on the hunt for some sort of meat substitute to use for effects shots. Ryan, bless his heart, still doesn’t want to use real meat, despite it probably being cheaper, because of the obvious smell issues. Ten bucks says we end up using meat anyway.

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