“Tom splattered with meat – practical”

We’re in a slow patch here at Inhumanwich! headquarters. Much of the busy work of pre-production is still at least a month away, and the Kickstarter pledge drive has two weeks left. Much of November is made up of waiting for Robb to build skeletons and waiting for Ryan to free up his schedule so we can shoot some test footage. Much like a department store currently stuck in post-Halloween, pre-Christmas limbo*, we’re in a dead zone.

In an effort to keep things semi-lively in the meantime, here’s an excerpt from a recently cratfed breakdown of every special effects shot to be featured in the movie. Posting the whole thing would offer spoilers, so I’ve carefully picked a segment that gives a good idea of the silliness at hand without ruining the bulk of the plot. Enjoy.

Inhumanwich FX breakdown

*Yes, I know the analogy doesn’t work anymore, what with stores decorating for Christmas in mid-October. But still.

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