A few bonus notes on the teaser trailer.

Since I’m updating like mad today, I’ll close with a few random thoughts about the teaser:

1. It was edited by Ryan and me. Editor Matt immediately found a couple noticeable flaws and continuity blips, all of which were my fault. Also my fault: flubbing my lines so badly I included a major grammatical error (you grammar nerds will catch it) and made Buzz Aldrin, not John Glenn, a merman. That latter was a flaw that was unable to be fixed by redubbing or reshooting, so that’s why there’s a weird “bad film edit” midway through – it cuts out a joke about Aldrin’s “seven nipples” in order to preserve the merman gag. I also had to rush the Photoshopping to replace Glenn with Aldrin, which is why instead of this sleek image…

John Glenn is a merman!

…you get this clumsier one, in which Buzz Aldrin’s head doesn’t quite work.

Buzz Aldrin is a merman!

You would think since I wrote the damn thing, I’d remember what name went with what joke, but that would imply I have any acting ability, which I clearly do not. (And yet I cast myself. What a maroon.)

2. Here are the rest of the pics appearing in the trailer. Trade them with your friends!

Yuri Gagarin's Eggplant Hand

Gus Grissom's Third Arm

Deke Slayton's Waffle Ears

Sally Ride's Head Foot

And then there’s this unused pic of the aforementioned septnipplage:

Buzz Aldrin's Seven Nipples

3. The music! The opening track is an excerpt from a public domain recording of Gerswin’s “Strike Up the Band.” But you don’t care about that. You want to know about the closing track, because the closing track is killer.

It’s a tune called “U.S. Us” by our old pals Swear Jar, who were kind enough to let us use it free of charge, which is my favorite kind. (Shane Chaney, one of the Swear Jarians, also wrote and performed the music used in the Kickstarter video; I’ll be using more of his stuff in future production diaries.) If you like the song, you’ll find it on their album Cuss, which is available to buy on CD or vinyl through the Phratry Records website or by download via iTunes and Amazon.

4. I regret to report that yes, I’m even doughier in person.

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