And now, the inevitable begging for money.

Major announcement #2: Our Kickstarter pledge drive has launched!

(If, for some reason, you demand to see me in super-doughy HD, the above video is also on our Vimeo channel.)

Here’s how it works: Through our Kickstarter page, you pledge to donate whatever amount you’d like. If we get at least $2,000 in pledges by 11:59 PM EST November 30, it’s a success and we get the funding to make the movie. (You won’t be charged for your donation until the end of the pledge drive.) If we don’t get $2,000 in pledges, nobody gets charged, we don’t get a dime, and everyone has a good cry.

Everybody who pledges at least one dollar will get a reward, and the more you give, the better your rewards. We’re giving away all sorts of goodies, including a few absurd items for those willing to donate the big bucks.

Kickstarter is designed to succeed on the strength of word of mouth – rather than find one person able to donate two grand, we’re looking for, say, two hundred people willing to donate ten bucks. The more people who pledge, the greater our chances. So we’re downright begging you to spread the word by sharing the Kickstarter link with everyone you know. Social media, blogs, general talkin’ to friends – everywhere, let people know we’d love them to make a small pledge. (Actually, we’d love a big pledge, but we’ll admire a small one just fine.) The pledge drive video and the teaser trailer are yours for the embedding, too.

Now go get the word out!

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