Synopsish reviews us!

The fun thing about being available to watch free online (seriously, we’re everywhere) is how every so often, up pops another review from someone who stumbled across us one night – and naturally loved us. Or, at least, tolerated 73 minutes of us. Either way!

Our latest review comes in both podcast and recipe form from Synopsish, who says our little movie is filled with “five scoops of absurdity” and gives us “5 out of 5 Joes.”

Listen to/read the whole thing here.

Cinema Head Cheese reviews us!

We love getting new reviews every few months, and this one from Peggy Christie at Cinema Head Cheese is among them. Peggy says “you can tell the people making it are just having the time of their lives” (we were!), adding “I had to pause the movie TWICE because I was laughing so hard.” Of all the reasons to pause our movie, that’s one of the better ones! (Also top five: getting more popcorn; taking a bathroom break; saving the universe from a Martian army set on replacing us all with robots named Kloob; checking the mail.)

You can read the entire review here.

Dumpster Drive-In Reviews Us!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new review roll off the presses, and now we have two, both from Zach Bender. For the “Dumpster Drive-In” column over at Morbidly Beautiful, he calls our movie “a labor of love” and adds “it just brings a smile to my face that this kind of thing exists.”

Bender also delivered a video review with his mom as part of his “Momster Movies” series on YouTube. There, they both giggle over what they call a “perfect” movie, which is a bit delusional, but we’ll take it.

You can read Zach’s print review here and watch the Momster review here.