Your DVD Player Gets Swallowed!

The wait is over, people. Inhumanwich! is now available on DVD!

The disc is distributed by Leomark Studios, the same groovy gang responsible for getting us on VOD, and comes loaded with not just the movie, but the “Meat Is Murder!” music video – and some other surprises.

Starting today, you can buy the DVD at Amazon, as well as a ton of other online outlets.

No, it’s not available in brick and mortar stores, but that’s because these are “MOD” (manufactured on demand) discs. Basically, you order the disc online from your store of choice, the distributor creates a disc just for you, using technology that would take a rocket scientist to explain. Going the MOD route saves us a mountain of cash, since they’re only producing discs that have been sold, as opposed to getting left with a ton of discs that didn’t sell.

In addition to Amazon, here are just a few other places where you can purchase our movie:

Barnes & Noble
Best Buy
CD Universe
DVD Planet
Family Video
Heartland Music
Movies Unlimited
TCM Shop

Thanks so much to all our fans for their patience. We hope the disc is worth the wait!

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