We Have a Release Date!

It’s official: Leomark Studios will release Inhumanwich! on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play on September 29. I know, right?

We’re planning a major push for that opening weekend, and here’s where you come in. To help boost the movie’s visibility on all three platforms, we need reviews, and a whole heaping lot of ’em. And so, we’ve got some rewards. Here’s the deal:

If you rent Inhumanwich!: Post a photo of your rental (a selfie of you watching the movie, a snapshot of your screen, whatever) to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using the hashtag #GetSwallowed. Be sure to include a link to the review you’ve written on any of the three platforms. (Or, if you’re not the hashtagging type, you can email us your visual proof and review link to inhumanwich(at)gmail(dot)com.) Everyone who posts their pics and review links by Monday, October 2 will get a shout-out in a special video we’ll be filming that week to thank all our InhuFanwiches. We’ll also include your name on Chompy Lou’s Wall of Fame, which we’ll be posting right here and on the ol’ social media.

If you buy Inhumanwich!: You get all the perks above, and we’ll send you some InhuSwag! You’ll get an InhuButton and a postcard-sized mini-InhuPoster. Both goodies are limited editions being produced exclusively for this release campaign. (We haven’t even finished designing them yet!) You will literally be the only ones in the universe to own these treats.

Edited to add: As a thank you to both our fans and our distributor, we’re adding a third tier to the rewards. If you buy our movie and rent or buy any other Leomark movie, we’ll throw in a special three-pack of InhuButtons. Some of these are the same buttons we’ve handed out exclusively at film fests; others are buttons we’ve never given to anybody. Same rules apply: you gotta use that #GetSwallowed hashtag and you gotta leave a review not only on our movie, but on the other Leomark title(s) you watched. For a full list of Leomark releases, just swing over to their website. We know there are a few in their lineup you weirdos are going to enjoy.

So, as the song says, start spreading the news! We hope all of you can help make our opening weekend a memorable one!

Oh, and as for DVDs? Those are definitely coming – and will have some choice bonus features – but we’re told they’ll take a few more weeks to get into the pipeline. We’re currently looking at mid-October-ish for those.

A final note: Huge, huge thanks to Leomark for putting this all together. They’ve been fantastic the whole ride through and have pushed our dumb little movie farther than we ever expected. They are, simply, The Best.

We’ll see you September 29!

Inhumanwich! on VOD Sept 29

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