Look Out Lips! Look Out Gums!

It’s finally here, the thing nobody asked for but we made anyway: a music video for “Meat Is Murder!”

“Meat is what now?” Murder! It’s the theme song from our little film, the ear-piercing screamy punk rock thing you hear over the closing credits. The song was written by Shane, Dave, John, and (on loan from Knife the Symphony) Jerry Dirr, and performed by a not-really-that-mysterious gang of mystery musicians called The InhuBandwich.

As for the video, it was directed by the legendary Frank Cordoba (the man behind Jim: The Story of Jim), filmed entirely on location at Cincinnati’s own Dive Bar, and features a couple Very Special Guest Stars.

Oh, and where can you get a copy of the song itself? Stay tuned, InhuFans. Phratry Records is set to release the soundtrack album at a time we’re generously calling “eventually.”

Until then, you’ve always got the video, which was a blast to make and, we hope, moderately enjoyable to watch. Dig it!

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