DVD Artwork Revealed!

Hold on tight! We can now unveil the brand new, totally bonkers artwork for the upcoming DVD release. Feast your eyes on this:

Inhumanwich DVD

I know, right?

This gorgeous bit of nonsense was designed by Gaz Jackson at Sinister Arts, and we have to say, Gaz was terrific to work with, inventing some wonderfully insane images and eager to ensure the final look was as demented and as fun as both we at Argo One and the fine folks at Leomark all wanted. The past couple weeks working with Sinister Arts on this has been a total blast. We can’t recommend them enough.

As for the art itself, it’ll appear on the cover of the DVD and will be used to promote the VOD release as well. We’ll also start incorporating it pretty much everywhere online as the new “look” of the movie’s marketing. So, yeah, we hope you like that toothy, bloody grin; you’re going to be seeing a lot more of it in the coming months.

(Yes, we know, that’s not what the monster looks like in the movie. But it’s too fun an image to pass up. Consider him our new mascot!)

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