We Have a Distributor!

Now it can be told: Inhumanwich! will be released later this year on VOD and DVD by Leomark Studios.

We’re really excited for this, not just for the obvious “now people can see it!” thing, but because we dig Leomark, finding them a perfect fit for our weirdness. They’re good people and an artist-friendly company with a lineup of releases you’d consider eclectic. We like artist-friendly. We love eclectic.

(They also currently handle Transylvania Television, whose creators heavily influenced our little movie. To be on the same roster as them is a major thrill.)

No street date has been set yet. We’re still in the early stages of this partnership, with much to still figure out, and with an upcoming film festival schedule to consider. Best we can say now is “later this year, stay tuned for more info.”

So stay tuned for more info!

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