OK, Now We’re Finished (and This Time We Mean It)

No matter how close we got to finishing the movie, a definitive final cut kept slipping away, delayed and delayed and delayed, until we hit the day of the premiere, and surely by then we were done, right?

You see where this is going.

We noticed a couple very tiny glitches at the premiere and figured we better fix them before moving on with the festival submissions, press pushes, etc. No big deal.

But hey, if we’re pausing to fix some tiny glitches, why not also fix two other issues that nagged me at the premiere?

Oh, and then Shane found a typo in the credits that eluded us for months. Gotta fix that, too.

Now all that’s polished and done. Four-plus days after it premiered, Inhumanwich! is once again finished. The next time you see it, it’ll be the actual, legit final version of the film.

And this time, we mean it.

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