The Wrap, the Premiere, the Next Stage

It’s been an overwhelming week for the Inhumanwich! team, so forgive me for just now getting around to writing about it until tonight.

The film was finally declared finished, done, in the can, at 12:01 AM on December 15, a mere nineteen hours before it was set to premiere. Our headquarters for editing these final weeks was the rehearsal space used by Shane for his various musical projects… a space that also had heat problems that night. Freezing your butt off is great motivation to finish as early as possible.

A few hours and a few setbacks later – Shane’s van dying added some last minute drama to the day; would he make it to the theater with the only copy of the movie? – and here it was, the premiere of Inhumanwich! in front of a packed house.

I’m told people liked it. I’m still in too much of a daze to know for sure.

(Side shout-out to the Sharonville Cultural Arts Center, who hosted the show and the shindig afterward. They’re a great venue and great people to work with. We’ll be back, for sure.)

The most common questions from the evening: When can we see it again? Will there be a DVD? What’s next?

All three can be answered with the same “we’re not sure yet.” The plan is to get some sleep for a few days first (look, it’s been a long couple of weeks), then figure out the plan.

There are plenty of festivals and conventions we’re eyeballing; that’s your best bet for where to see it next. We’re also in the early stages of investigating home video distribution, either DVD or streaming; that’s not likely to happen for at least a year, though, as it takes a while to shop around.

And, of course, all of this will happen while we start work on the next movie. Whatever that may be.

It’s going to be a busy 2017.

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