Back from the read-through

Our first (and only) crew meeting and cast read-through was this morning. I’m back home now, having torn up my throat something fierce (turns out reading aloud 81 pages of stage direction will do that), and am reflecting on Things I Learned This Morning:

1. These people are way too good to be delivering bad puns in a cheapjack monster movie. I have somehow dumb-lucked my way to a kick-ass cast, and I can’t wait to spend the next three months with them.

2. On the other hand, after re-reading some of the rambling monologues some of them have to deliver, I feel like I owe all of them an apology.

3. Little pre-packaged donuts might be cheap, but nobody likes them. Get the good stuff for the shoot.

4. The screenplay is littered with typos. This is what happens when you write at four in the morning and don’t bother to proofread.

5. I apparently worked the word “poop-farts” into a monologue then completely forgot about it. That doesn’t seem like something one would forget.

6. According to Ryan, we’re going to need to buy more green screen stuff and, perhaps, a green beanbag chair. I think it’s all a ploy for Ryan to get a new beanbag chair.

7. Seriously. “Poop-farts.” Classy!

One thought on “Back from the read-through

  1. Poop-farts may not be classy…but its still hilarious as hell.

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