A good cast is worth repeating

It’s official: Auditions are closed, actors have been called and congratulated, and the cast list is ready to go public. Check out the cast page for the full list.

Well, not the full list – there are still a few actors who need to check their voice mail and verify they still want to be in this mess, and a few others whose presence is currently TBA. But you get the point. A cast list! We have actors! Just like a real movie!

(I can’t bring myself to list the cast in “top billing” order. I’ve taken the wimp’s way out: “in order of appearance.” But will I destroy egos and rank the cast by billing in the closing credits? Stay tuned!)

Auditions, by the way, were a blast. But first: Huge thanks must be given to both the Union Township Civic Center and the Hyde Park branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. Both provided great service and a fine work space, for zero cost. (Low budget filmmakers, take note! Your local libraries and government offices can help you save some serious cash.)

Anyway. Auditions. We saw some amazing talent, including several folks who made us completely rethink what we wanted from our characters, in a good way. We saw pros and rookies alike and got to chat with some people with whom we expect to have plenty of fun on set and whom we know will mix quite well, on screen and off, with the Fu Crewers who’d already been cast. And more than once, we knew as soon as some of them walked in exactly what role they’d get.

(Sure, we also managed to not be wowed at times, because that’s how auditions work. But, hey, this post is all about Yay! Cast!)

Our first (and only) full cast read-through is set for this Saturday. After a couple weeks of “dear gravy, what are we getting into?!” trepidation, I’m beginning to feel what could qualify as bouncy optimism. It’s a sensation altogether new to me, and frankly, I love it.

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