Such a tease.

We shot our teaser trailer yesterday. Like all good teasers, it contains no footage of the movie but fanboys will go crazy for it anyway.

The pesky absence of a firewire cable meant we couldn’t edit, though; that’s been rescheduled for the weekend. Fingers crossed, you’ll get your first non-peek at our movie by Sunday night. OK, maybe Monday afternoon. Definitely no later than Wednesday.

We also have to delay the launch of the Kickstarter pledge drive. Our first plan was to include the teaser on the Kickstarter page, but the new plan is to film a small “please give us your money” sales pitch to post there instead. We’ll be working on that this weekend, too.

Oh, and for the second time, Ryan convinced me to double our pledge goal. In addition to worries that our current budget won’t cover costumes and locations, he’s downright obsessed with being able to pay for food for the cast – it’s all he ever talks about when budgets are discussed. I think there’s some weird craft services trauma in his past. Someone didn’t put out enough bagels one day, and now he’s scarred for life.

So that’s why we’re asking for more money: Ryan has some hang-up with keeping our bagel supply fully stocked. The boy’s got issues.

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