The new scripts are here! The new scripts are here!

I’m in print! Things are going to start happening to me now!

Box o' scripts

There they are, the final final final shooting scripts, the ones that are at long last free of formatting errors. Henry Kissinger* came through, with 25 copies of the screenplay at an affordable price. Picked ’em up a few hours ago, and now they’re all bound and ready to go. Now all they need is 25 cast and crew members to take them home, spill coffee on them, and lose them under the couch.

Of course, one of the first things Henry said to me was “I found some typos.” Screw it, Kissinger. I’m not fixing anything else. At this stage they’re not typos, they’re the eccentricities of an artist.

Some other random updates:

Mr. Kissinger also showed off what might be a usable location for filming the “crash site” sequence. It’s a nice clearing with plenty of woods behind it, exactly as described in the script. It’s perfect… if it weren’t for River Road being right next to it. I’m not to thrilled with the idea of having to redub two entire scenes because of traffic. But I’m sure the fine residents of Delhi will let us shut down River Road for a weekend, right?

Also, the crew grows! Matt Gray, aka “Director Matt” of Friday Night Fu fame and head honcho of Gray V-Train Productions, has agreed (schedule pending) to edit our little flick. He was my first pick but I thought he’d be unavailable; turns out he is, and the movie’s going to be better for it. He’s the Thelma Schoonmaker of the tri-state.

Also also, the cast grows! Sort of! We’ve locked in several smallish roles, mainly of the “hey, can I get eaten by the monster?” variety. Why, yes. Yes you can get eaten by the monster. (Leading roles remain unfilled as we head toward an eventual casting call, but who needs a lead when you’ve got someone to play Harry, the guy with eight lines, one of which is “Mmmm mmmmmm!” and another is “What in the…”? That’s some solid Sir Ben Kingsley crap right there!)

My point is, I have no idea who’s going to be starring in this thing.

*For those new to the blog: “Henry Kissinger” is the name I’ve given to the guy who works at a certain office supply store (whose logo I probably should’ve cropped out of the picture, but whatever). I’m avoiding using his real name to prevent him from being busted for offering such high volume of copies at possibly unapproved-by-management prices.

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