A Couple Bonus Thoughts on the Trailer

So the trailer is finally out there, a mere sixteen months after filming wrapped. What took so long?

As I’ve mentioned before, life took so long. It’s been a messy road to this stage of post-production, with the movie getting backburnered repeatedly as other priorities popped up: day job, family life, other projects, etc. The entire cast and crew deserve thanks for their patience, but nobody deserves thanks more than my wife, the woman I love dearly, who’s had to put up with a hell of a lot this past year and a half. She’s a hell of a gal and a hell of an executive producer, and I’m lucky to have her around during all this.

Also taking a long time are the effects, which are coming along nicely. You might not realize just how extensive Ryan’s job is. It’s not just a matter of adding in the monster; many shots include backgrounds and touch-ups needing created from scratch. The trailer contains a few such “detail work” shots, including Mission Control monitors (when Jack asks “What do you make of this?”, his computer screen was blank on set – those radar blips are Ryan’s handiwork) and some trees that weren’t there (the shot of the heroes in the car was filmed against a green screen). He’s doing all of this in his spare time, without pay, and he’s got a long way to go. Hence the no-rush job.

But we’re getting closer every week, and, fingers crossed, we might have something ready for the 2013 film festival season.

Or maybe we won’t. Either way, at least now we have a trailer.

The music, by the way, is once again from our old pals, Cincinnati punkers Swear Jar. We’re currently in talks to have the band provide a very loud theme song for the film. In the meantime, we get their rendition of “Bury My Body” for the trailer. Rock on, as they say.

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