Budget Watch: $1,997.43

Hooray for us: we managed to finish principal photography a cool $2.57 bucks under budget!

Of course, we still have plenty more to spend on the film – big bucks will eventually go toward festival entries, DVDs, and whatever sort of theatrical premiere we can wrangle – but the $2,000 goal was always intended to cover the actual making of the movie, not the release of it. We do need to complete some effects work, which will cost enough to put us over budget, but for now, I’m pleased with the number so far.

As usual, most of the cash went to craft services, with a little going toward oatmeal and coloring, which became a weekly staple in our final weeks of shooting. Odds and ends include: $40.34 for a folding table used in several scenes (it can now double as a production table in the future); $29.79 for various monster makeup needs (going with a pre-fab store-bought monster mask sounds cheap but looks good on camera); $29.70 for picnic props and costumes, including a priest outfit and two tablecloths; and $40 reimbursed to Jake and Kayla for various costume supplies they’d bought earlier.

And now we enter the slow process of post-production. I’ve been enjoying the down time, as you may have noticed from the lack of updates lately – aside from last weekend’s wrap party, I’ve taken a much needed vacation from the film. Matt, our editor, is slowly getting into the swing of things, so things haven’t died completely. We’ve set July as a deadline for finishing a rough cut and all effects, which seems like a long time but isn’t really, considering Matt and Ryan will be juggling Inhumanwich! with several other projects.

In the meantime, I’ll keep uploading outdated Production Diaries and fiddling with possible screenplays for our next project. Stay tuned!

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