Budget Watch: $1,756.12

It’s been no pizza for two weekends straight now. I feel like a grown-up.

As mentioned last week, the Hinsons served sloppy joe for lunch when we invaded their home. The idea of a warm meal on a cold day stuck, and last weekend my wife and daughter whipped up an outstanding beef stew. (My lone complaint: it was gone before I got to have seconds.)

The rest is typical craft services stuff, which is hardly worth a mention unless you enjoy repetitous discussions of donuts and granola bars. Which I hope you do not.

The rest:

$34.06 for a tarp (brown one side, silver the other) which was purchased to serve as a sun and/or wind guard but to date has only been used as a fake interior wall in the spaceship prop.

$6.36 for sand. It only took two months after the sandbags arrived for me to get around to buying sand to fill them.

$3.98 for icing coloring to help turn oatmeal ($6.18 for two large cans) into “meat.”

$60.19 at the Army surplus store for two more costumes, plus a prop grenade to be used this weekend.

This weekend finds us shooting the picnic scene, which means craft services can double as props and set design. Thrifty!

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