Budget Watch: $1,540.98

I’m pretty sure the next time someone offers me a slice of pizza, I’m going to punch them in the eye.

We’re plowing through about a hundred bucks a weekend on craft services, which is more or less what we budgeted, considering the size of the cast. What I didn’t expect was the choice to get pizza every day for lunch. It makes sense: it’s comfortable food to eat with a group, and there’s no prep involved, just grab a slice and go. But today marks the fourth shooting day in a row where pizza’s been served, and I’d like a break. How about a nice lunch meat spread for a change, or a big ol’ helping of Chinese takeout?

More nickel and dime spending: Two headbands for Brad’s costume ran us $3.18 each (like his duplicate t-shirts, extra headbands were needed considering how filthy the first one got on camera); $5.97 went for icing coloring to color the $3.09 oatmeal that would double as meat (plus the $5.50 jumbo container to put it all in); $4.79 for another round of Jake’s cigars (even unlit, they still don’t last enough for reusablity); and $3.29 for the world’s most frozen gas station sandwich, which was used in a joke of great elegance and subtlety.

Not spent: nobody thought of sunscreen for our first day of outdoor shooting, resulting in a parade of red faces (including one seen in yesterday’s post). Remind me to add that to the list of things to pick up this week. My face still hurts.

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