Budget Watch: $1,349.57

Oh, these people, with their wanting to “eat” “meals” made of “food.”

This week’s spending went almost entirely to craft services, which has settled into a workable routine of donuts and fruit for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and Coke, water, and granola bars for snacks. Until we all get sick of this line-up, it’ll likely remain this way for the next few weeks.

The rest went to props of the nickel-and-dime variety. $10.03 bought us a handful of maps (including a book featuring maps of the stars) for our heroes to consult throughout the Mission Control scenes. $7.25 went toward a chili-and-chips meal Jack got to munch as part of a vital scene late in the film. A large scoop of barbeque chicken – able to double as sloppy joe since the color matched and we never got a close view – cost us $2.35. And $2.75 got a couple cheapo cigars for Jake (playing General Graham); the poor guy had to wrap their ends in duct tape, lest they collapse in his mouth after hours of chewing. (The tape also kept the nasty cigar taste at bay.)

Oh, and speaking of things that are grody, we also bought some air freshener, because two ten-hour days in a closed room with no air conditioning can get a bit rank.

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