Budget Watch: $1,253.81

We’ve crossed the four digit mark! And we’ve used up all the Kickstarter pledge drive money! Um… yay?

Our biggest purchase this week was $106.89 at The Army Store, a surplus store in Fairfield whose staff deserves praise for putting up with a trio of dopey guys who know nothing about military uniforms. It’s here we found proper outfits for Jake (playing General Graham) and Chris (playing Corporal Mulligan), and it’s here we learned they don’t make Army uniforms for doughy older guys. (I had to go online and pay $20.98 for pants; the military’s waist-size limit was depressing to all of us except Chris, who is young and thin and therefore a jerk.) We couldn’t afford to go all out on the costumes, so please hold all complaints about “not enough patches” and “the guy’s name isn’t even on his shirt!” In the world of our movie, the Army is obviously on a tight budget.

Big purchase number two was $104.99 for a second 1 TB external hard drive. It was decided we need two: one to use during actual capturing/editing, and a second for archive/backup purposes. The editing drive can be reused for future projects, so all we’ll need next time will be a new archive drive.

Back to costumes: James Burns, one third of Swear Jar, recently built his own screen printing set-up, because he’s the kind of guy who would do something like that. We’ve gone to him to help make a t-shirt Brad will be wearing in the film (hat tip to Mark Godby for the design). We’ll need duplicates of the shirt for retakes, as the shirt will wind up smothered in sloppy joe stains. The whole thing ran $41.35 for ink, labor, and eight shirts (which we lucked out at $2.50 a pop). James says he’ll keep the screen so we can make more later as official Inhumanwich! costume-replica merchandise. That’s nutty.

Thunderburger T-Shirt Design

The rest of the cash went toward a handful of necessities: a new duffel bag to serve as production bag (the old one smelled too much like gym shoes, which quite boldly answered the “why buy a new one when we can use this one?” question); a large cooler to have on set for food, drinks, and snacks; a microscope kit for Dr. Chang’s lab; and a binder and clipboard, since it turned out we needed them. Oh, and $12.05 for donuts from a couple weeks back, which I forgot to add in last time.

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