Filming: Weekend Two

A very light weekend, with only one short scene and a couple loose pieces of voice-over to tackle. It’s our last easy weekend until mid-April; everything in between will be ferocious, time crunch-wise.

As my last “training wheels” day, I realize there are still two key things I need to work on before hunkering down with the big stuff. First, I still need to get comfortable with the whole leadership thing. I’m getting better, but I still feel like I’m being a little too loosey-goosey, in a way that’s taking up a bit too much time.

Second, I need to remember to compliment my cast and crew when they deserve it. In my scatterbrained-ness, I’ve forgotten repeatedly to properly tell folks when they’ve kicked ass. Which many have done.

Overall, today’s shoot was a breeze, a one-shot take set in Lisa’s kitchen (requiring our Lisa, Kayla Clark, to recite – with style – an absurd amount of dialogue, which she did beautifully), followed by the aforementioned voice-over goodies from Brad (he’s our Bert) and Josh (our Johnny). Most of the time was spent not working but eating the large lunch provided by our hostess, Linda Hinson, a very nice woman who somehow hasn’t realized it’s not her responsibility to cover such things. We’ve been pretty lucky so far in finding great places to shoot, and we’ll be back at the Hinson home next month for outdoor shooting.

Next weekend is a vacation weekend due to my being an Academy Awards junkie. After that, it’s a weekend of cramming some thirty-two pages of script into a two day shoot. Eek.

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