Budget Watch: $879.26

Two days of shooting in the can! Too tired for any sort of coherent update on how our first days went, so instead I’ll simply provide a quickie Budget Watch update:

The big expense of the week was $26.50 for Joe’s astronaut jumpsuit. We lucked out on finding high quality overalls on sale half off. The down side: having to go to Wal-Mart to do it. That place is where dreams go to die and where odors go to linger.

There was also a pound of ground beef ($1.90), cooked up the night before and used for Joe’s sloppy joe prop. (No cost for buns, which came from leftovers of my own.) I felt pretty bad for Jacque (pronounced “Jake” – he’s playing Joe); he had to take mulitple bites of the cold meat, then rub the remainder all over his face. (Don’t ask.)

The rest of the cash went to our new friend, craft services. Donuts, fruit, granola bars, pop, water, and ice for the set. A hungry crew is a sad crew.

The next few weeks will see little filming but plenty of spending. Stay tuned!

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