Auditions, Round Two

As mentioned earlier, our initial round of auditions – originally intended to be our only round of auditions – suffered from a high number of weather-related cancellations. We knew we needed another go at auditions, but could we fit them into our busy schedule and make sure we did it in time for the full cast read-through on January 29? Turns out, yes.

Here’s the full scoop, which may look familiar to those of you who checked out the first round:

Argo One Productions, LLC is seeking a large, diverse cast for their sci-fi horror comedy Inhumanwich! Actors must be available to shoot most weekends between February 12 through April 24, 2011 in Cincinnati and its surrounding suburbs. Aside from one or two brief Friday evenings, shooting will begin around 8 or 9 AM and wrap by sundown (and hopefully earlier). This is a special effects-heavy production; actors may be required to deal with effects make-up.

More importantly, actors must be willing to volunteer their time. To repeat: THIS IS AN UNPAID PRODUCTION. (Hey, it’ll look great on your demo reel!)

The size of the cast requires us to seek people willing to put in plenty of work over many weekends even if they don’t have any dialogue. Many secondary characters have little to say but much to do; others appear for one or two scenes, deliver a mountain of dialogue with whip-smart comic timing, then completely disappear for the rest of the movie. Due to these demands, we need quality actors in roles of every size. If you’re not willing to accept a “smaller” supporting role, please do not apply.

Despite how they’re listed below, several roles in the cast are not gender/age/race specific. If we find someone completely opposite of how he/she is physically described in the script yet still fits the role otherwise, we’re willing to make changes to accommodate. Because of this, during auditions, men may be asked to read a female role and vice versa.

The roles we need to cast are:

DR. CHANG. Male, 45-65. A man of science and wisdom.
CORPORAL MULLIGAN. Male, 18-25. Young soldier.
MURRAY. Male, 20-30. Eager young geek.
TOM. Male, 16-18. Dumb horny teenager. (Must be willing to kiss on camera.) (Must be able to deliver a “girly” scream.)
ORVILLE HAMPTON. Male, 60-70. Cranky old farmer.
FATHER CORRIGAN. Male, 50-65. Kindly priest.
SHERRY. Female, 18-45. Bobbysoxer sweetheart. (Character is a teenager but might be played by a middle-aged actor.)
LOIS. Female, 18-45. Bobbysoxer sweetheart. (Character is a teenager but might be played by a middle-aged actor.)
THE PRESIDENT. Male, 45-70. Esteemed gentleman/buffoon.
THE FIRST LADY. Female, 45-70. Vapid politician’s wife.
MAYOR VAN HORN. Male, 40-70. Beleaguered politician.
KATHY. Female, 25-55. Fast-talking secretary.
ARMY PRIVATES. Ten (or so) males and females, 18-25. Inexperienced soldiers of various importance to the plot.
NARRATOR and DISC JOCKEY. They have terrific voices.

Auditions will be held from 11 AM until 2 PM Saturday, January 22, 2011 at the Hyde Park branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Actors will be asked to read from at least one (and possibly up to three) short scenes from our script. In addition, a prepared monologue from another source of your choice is welcome but not necessary.

We’re hoping to go completely paperless with this audition, so there will be no forms to fill out upon your arrival. We’ll be getting all your relevant information beforehand, via email.

Walk-ins are welcome, but we’d prefer if you schedule in advance. To schedule a spot in the auditions or to simply ask us any questions, email us at ArgoOneProductions [at] Please include the word “auditions” in the subject so we know you’re an actual human being.

We look forward to seeing you!

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