Production meeting number two, or: 2 Production 2 Meeting

I’m waiting for a pledge drive pitch video to upload to Kickstarter – which means the Kickstarter pledge drive will launch in an hour or so – and I’ll kill the time by filling you in on our second production meeting.

Ryan (who insists he doesn’t want to be credited as a producer but will be anyway; suck it, Magrish!) and Matt finally got to meet Robb Webb, our makeup/practical effects guru. We talked about what sorts of non-meat things can be made to look like meat things, and we talked about the best way to create a meat hand, and Matt revealed he has a mild latex allergy which may hinder his ability to wear latex-based monster makeup, and Robb said he might be able to round up some volunteer army guys for a couple scenes, and, um, that’s about it.

OK, so some of these meetings aren’t really blogworthy.

UPDATE: Having problems uploading the video to Kickstarter. I’ll try again in the morning, when I have access to a better Internet connection. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Production meeting number two, or: 2 Production 2 Meeting

  1. I prefer Gooey-Ru Dave. Thanks for bringing me on board with you and the INCREDIBLE CREW you have lined up. I consider it an honor to be able to make a mess with you again.

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