So after meticulously going over the script to finalize its format for shooting script purposes – basically, making sure dialogue isn’t split between two pages if it doesn’t have to be – and making sure it’s as polished as polished can be, I apparently boned something in the formatting when I went back in to make some last minute tweaks to a couple bits, with many, many pages featuring the very dialogue splits I worked to avoid… and I didn’t notice the boning until after I had printed up a dozen copies.

I have three options: 1. Toss those dozen copies and reprint corrected versions; 2. Leave the printed copies as-is but make revisions for all future printed copies; 3. Just leave the mess alone and not give a crap.

Option #1 would be a major waste – we’re talking some 1,000 pieces of paper here. Option #2 makes sense, but I’m just anal enough to freak out if there are two versions of the “final” script floating around, even if the differences are a matter of spacing. (I’m already sweating a few non-printed copies I emailed that aren’t the final final version despite being labeled as such; those versions are missing a couple lines of dialogue, and in my brain, everything in the world is wrong because of this.)

So option #3 it is. Unprofessional? You bet. But really, once I tell the cast and crew about the problem, they’ll deal with it. It sort of sums up low-budget production: you can’t pay to fix mistakes, so you have to learn to work with them.


Completely unrelated: The Inhumanwich! Kickstarter fundraiser is almost a go. The Kickstarter people recommended we put a video on the page to help with the pledge drive; I’ve decided on a teaser trailer, but we’ll have to make one first. So the fundraising won’t launch until later this week at the earliest. Stay tuned!

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