Budget Watch: $1.06

How much does making an independent film cost? So far, it’s a buck-six.

Writing, of course, costs nothing but time. The laptop’s already been paid for. The electricity to power the laptop, we’ll write that off as a home expense, not a “work” one. The paper and toner to print the scripts, there are, shall we say, “creative ways” around that expense.

But we had no paper fasteners at home, and those we need. So while my wife was out today, she picked up a 99¢ pack of brads. That’s $1.06 after tax. In terms of indie film, we’ve officially gone from no-budget to low-budget.

Of course, if we don’t use all the brads, we can save them for the next film and amortize the cost over several productions. You know, to buffer the sting of such massive costs. Thinking ahead!

(By the way: those brads mean we now have printed copies of the script. I must admit to being slightly giddy about this.)

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