The story so far

For those who came in late…

If you’re reading this blog this early, I assume you know who I am. But just in case, an introduction: I’m David Cornelius, a writer and occasional TV guy, having previously worked on such justifiably-canceled programs as Friday Night Fu and Frank Zito’s Night of Frights.

The other major player at this stage is Ryan Magrish, a fellow Fu and Zito veteran and all-around production wizard.

Inhumanwich! began as a throwaway idea, whipped up one evening by Ryan and me as an exaggerated take on Ryan’s desire to make sandwich-based stories. Such a desire also led to Bread Over Heels, an entry into last year’s 48 Hour Film Project Cincinnati from team “Gray V-Train,” a collection of Fu folks under the direction of that show’s “Director Matt,” Matt Gray.

Following this year’s 48HFP, I started searching for other shorts worth making. A stretch of brainstorming followed, and those “sloppy joe on the rampage” ideas popped back up. Silliness? Yes, but Ryan convinced me to “play to our strengths” (a polite way of telling me my more serious ideas sucked).

And that brings us here, the present. A flash poll of friends and some chatter with Ryan helped cement the premise: Following an accident in space, an astronaut crashes to Earth and turns into a delicious ground beef monster that devours everything in its path.

As you can see, it’s high class storytelling.

The next stage begins now, as I attempt to put together some sort of screenplay. This thing’s not going to write itself, you know. Or maybe it will. I have no idea how this works.

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