Wall of Fame!

Inhumanwich! is now available to rent or buy on iTunes, Amazon Video, and Google Play! Here are some groovy fans who helped spread the word early and landed a spot on the Wall of Fame:

Chompy Lou's Wall of Fame

Doug Adams slices bread long ways, then complains about standard baggie dimensions

D.J. Ahrmann eats grapes while shopping at the grocery store, then sits on the scanner to figure out how much he owes at checkout

Cassie Barnes eats peanut shells but not peanuts, is banned from seven Major League ballparks

Tiffany C. insists it’s not real trail mix if it doesn’t include real bits of trail

Shane Chaney co-produced Inhumanwich!, thinks he can just finagle his way onto the Wall, is wrong

Bob Ferreira uses corn cob holders to eat candy corn

Michael Flack eats lobster with the shell on, insists he loves “the crunchy part”

Rob Gonsalves orders fish and chips by asking for fish or chips, then adds “surprise me”

Josh Graves has a shrine in his home, prays nightly to Little Debbie

Lori Green only eats the top part of an Oreo, never the bottom cookie, which she considers the Oreo’s “plate”

Joe Hempel collects the peels from every banana he’s ever eaten in his entire life

Gaz Jackson eats alphabet soup alphabetically, claims it expands his vocabulary

Jeff K. treats the phrase “all you can eat” as a dare, is hospitalized monthly

Andrew Landers has a very long, very tiresome joke he’d like to tell you about (sigh) how Grape Nuts are neither grapes nor nuts

Thomas E. Perkins ties his spaghetti into one long string, eats it in a single slurp

R.J. Robertson once ate an entire pumpkin in four bites, stem and all

M.E. Steele-Pierce has consumed nothing but Slim Jims since 1995

Chase Strieker always bites into pineapples like a regular apple, has no feeling left in his palate

Turbo2088* makes money on the side by selling bootleg Lucky Charms milk

*probably a pseudonym, but never underestimate the coolness of our fans

Here’s a word of thanks from Brad and John to all those on the Wall. Dig it!